"After searching for a gym, I finally found the best one to train at! I have learned so much from the coaches and they truly listened to what my goals were. The coaches are supportive every step of the way and have shared so much knowledge that has helped me. I've trained with Ernest for some years now, and his attention to detail is outstanding! The environment is positive and everyone is helpful; you can tell that every single person is committed to seeing you succeed and reach your goals."

- Damian Martinez

"I trained BJJ at several locations before finding Jamie Miller and what is now Renzo Gracie SAT. I stayed with him from purple through black belt. There is no comparison for me. Jamie is at a level that is just straight up beyond any other school I have ever trained at in San Antonio. Every one of his upper belts is a monster on the mats and will give you a whole different level of training. On a full night it's not uncommon to have 6 or 7 black belts and the same number of brown, purple, blue and white. The level of experience is amazing, from wrestling to BJJ for sport to self defense and MMA ground training. Just as importantly, the attitude of everyone from white to black belt is like family. All students look out for each other and while everyone trains hard they also train smart and compassionately. Taking care of each other while training is one of the most important facets of this school. I can't recommend it highly enough. Regardless of your level, if you live anywhere in central TX, do yourself a favor and check these folks out!"

- Sam Coffman

"Wonderful place to learn Jiu-Jitsu, great place to train… physically, mentally, and emotionally test yourself… 100 percent, the best cardio workout… want a new challenge, want self defense tactics, or want to check “rolling training jiu jitsu one time” off your bucketlist… go check out RENZO GRACIE SAT…"

- Eric Flores

"This place is awesome! The people that train here are very dedicated and technical. It is Just a bunch hard core guys helping each other get better everyday. You would be hard pressed to find a better gym and better group of people to train with and get instructions from."

- Champion Of justice

"This is a great Jiu Jitsu gym! Jamie the head coach is so knowledgeable and skilled in jiu jitsu, athletics as well as living a healthy lifestyle. The other black belts are very great coaches and training partners. The gym is very clean and the culture is very friendly. I have many years of experience in martial arts, and this gym is the best in quality of training, partners, instruction, and culture that I have ever experienced."

- Josiah

"These guys hooked me up when I needed a Gi at the last second before jumping on a plane. Vibe and environment is everything. Mike was very welcoming and answered all my questions. great to see support like this in the community. Very encouraging environment. Will definitely back here to roll. Check this place out!"

- Logan Lewis

"I have trained with Jamie Miller since 2007. Jamie’s accomplishments include: being a special operator in the military, completing various military selection courses, completing the Fairtex Muay Thai instructors course in San Francisco, running one of the first MMA promotions in San Antonio, training multiple amature and professional MMA champions and probably more I’ve forgotten. Jamie has cultivated a training environment that encourages learning and longevity over most other things. Everyone here is treated with respect and students are taught early on to take care of their training partners so that we can all continue to train regularly while minimizing injuries. This is an awesome group of training partners who are actually good at Jiu Jitsu. Pay us a visit sometime."

- Ernest De La Cruz

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